Design Services

Design Consultation's $80 per hour

Helping you make decisions on color, fabric, furniture, etc. This hour can also include furniture re-arrangement, accessory styling and room planning.


  Custom Design Creations    (Bid by Job)

You may have a nice old dresser that you would love to paint or re-finish but just don't have time, we can finish these projects for you! This may also include sewing a beautiful creation, painting a piece of furniture, hand making an accessory, or decoratively painting a wall.

Graphic Design Packages - Starting at $200 per room

Giving you a visual of color on the walls, window treatments, furniture, home decor items, etc. Also giving you a break down of exactly how much everything will cost, and includes a break down of exactly what materials to buy, where to buy them and quantities needed. Basically can be done DIY. 
These are great for individuals who cannot visualize! Plus we can change everything to your taste so that your room looks exactly how YOU want it, cause I'm not living there, YOU are!

Budget Room Redo's

Starting at $3000 Flat rate

 (the more your budget allows the more you will get in the room)

How budget room redo’s work: First of all we have an initial design consult, where we discuss the style the client is going for, the colors they would like to have, and if there is a theme or not.  I show drawings/pictures of what I have in mind and run it by the client to make sure they are on board. Once we have agreed, I start the shopping process which usually takes 2-5 days,  I order/ purchase everything I need to get started, the clients are also aware that I am shopping at garage sales and second hand stores to find things I can repurpose! After about 1 month –once everything is complete I go and install the room within 1-2 days at the client’s home. Yes, just like on the show “design on a dime” so when the clients come home from work the room is complete! It’s just so fun to see my client’s reactions!! The budget starts at $3000 per room. We do all of the sewing, painting of items, upholstering, and everything else that is required to bring the room together, including the installation process.  We also get paid within this budget so it is a flat fee. I always explain that this particular service is not for everyone, budget room re-do’s are for the clients who are excited to “just get the room done.”  I do however, provide all types of services for other clients who love the creative process and like to go through it with me step by step.